what we do

Every day, since 2003, Cutting Factory’s deliverables are used to enhance suppliers relationships with their customers. We make this happen by not only showing a product or solution, but also by showing how it is used, the tangible benefits of it, and what it enables in real life.

By using CGI and 3D Animation, entire videos, or individual sequences that would be far too expensive or impossible to actually film, can be delivered in flawless quality. The only limit is imagination.

In addition, Cutting Factory produces fully interactive virtual experiences. Without requiring any additional hardware or software, clients – together or a group – can:

  • Explore manufacturing facilities
  • explore interiors and exteriors
  • See real life installations
  • Participate in meetings with execs or with each other
  • See end user cases, in multiple locations
  • And most importantly, every interaction, or request is tracked, by individual visitors, via the internal dashboard we provide our clients.


For products, solutions, or even facilities, that do not exist yet – no problem! We can visualize the product or concept and build a story around it, so that the visual marketing is ready for the release deadlines of our clients. We can therefore become a temporary extension of our clients’ marketing departments.

There are two distinct ways of working with us:

  • Clients can come to us with a story or concept and we execute it exactly to their spec.
  • Or a need is identified, but there is no concrete idea of how to construct the end deliverable. In such a situation, our expert graphic and concept designers will work with the relevant client personnel to get the concept and story ready.

Example of Concept Art

“For years of working together, Cutting Factory have always delivered high quality work and have been flexible to accommodate both our timeline and budgetary needs. Plus, they are an enjoyable and creaFve group of people who always encourage us to consider new ideas and approaches that help set us apart from the rest.”

Nicole Anderson, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Ciena