Our experience has shown that even our most progressive clients regard a video soundtrack as an afterthought – until they hear one of ours!

At Cutting Factory, we have, since day one, believed that a successful video is comprised of both Sound + Vision, and the two should support each other.

The accompanying audio is designed, not only to compliment the video, but also to enhance the visual experience as a whole and make the user feel more connected and engaged with the brand.

We take great pride in, where needed, creating a sound design, and also scoring whatever musical elements may be required and cannot be readily purchased. An example that we produced for Ericsson can be heard on the Soundcloud link below.

When our clients require it, our audio production team work seamlessly with our visual departments. From the composition and arrangement for all types of acoustic and electronics instrumentation, to the final mixing in stereo or 5.1 we make sure your project flows effortlessly across every visual and audio aspect.


We offer full film scoring services to customers across the world.

We specialise in orchestral styles, or purely electronic, and deliver music scores for all forms of media, including printed scores if required.

We have worked alongside filmmakers across a wide variety of formats from documentaries and short films, to commercials.

audio production services scoring berlin cutting factory

Composition & arrangement

Cutting Factory can ready a composition and develop an arrangement for all types of instruments from acoustic to electric.

Our in-house team can work with Ableton Live or Logic, and also play a variety of instruments to a professional standard, including acoustic and electronic keyboards, oboe, saxophone (tenor and alto), clarinet, electric bass, electric guitar, and pedal steel. This is quite unique for a CGI and Video Production company!

We compose and score key elements and integrate them into a unique arrangement, whilst always developing the flow of the audio to account for flashes of inspiration and invention – not to mention syncing them with visuals as required!

audio production services composition and arrangement berlin cutting factory


We track each piece of audio in a studio environment, both analogue (if required – 48 track) as well as digital.

Each instrument is recorded individually for the mix, so each individual element can be balanced and manipulated at a later point.

Performances can either be captured “live”, where all the performers are recorded at the same time, or individually, depending on the requirements of the piece.

audio production berlin scoring by in the twigs

Mixing (stereo and 5.1)

Our mixing experts will balance volume between the completed tracks and pan them to create a balanced spread.

We add EQ and compression ahead of the final processing effects, whilst adjusting final volume and other processing effects to create a sense of perspective within the final track.

audio production services mixing berlin cutting factory


We select the best voices and artists to deliver quality, time after time.

Our purpose-built recording and sound production facility is run by our team of experienced sound engineers, who match each project with an exceptionally high level of sound design and appropriate acoustics to suit the individual production.

Syncing to visuals

When it comes to audio syncing with visuals, we are on hand to provide you the best advice and techniques.

We originate or curate music across a wide range of deliverable media. In addition to our own music, we sync supplied audio sources to all video/film file formats.

More services

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“Our company creates a number of videos with both our internal creative team and with external creative organizations. The Mosaic video that Cutting Factory created for our Berlin Press event connected human emotion with our software platform through the use of original classical music and story. The video not only made the impact that we hoped but the richness of the sound connected with the audience’s soul as it played on a massive screen in a huge conference facility. It was moving, artistic and delivered the message.”

Gary Bolton, Vice President Global Marketing, ADTRAN