We are producing a video to an instrumental version of an old Don Gibson song called “Oh Lonesome Me”. But slowed down to within an inch of collapse!

It will generally centre around an animated character seeking solace in a church, itself situated in the middle of nowhere – a place the locals refer to as New Mexico.

There are over 24 scenes in this animation, and some of the drawings from the storyboard are as below.

We also scoured the web for some inspirations for a moodboard and came up with these which seemed to match what we were thinking about.

We have also produced a couple of assets, namely a tequila bottle, in which she drowns her sorrows, and a guitar case.

We also had to decide what the character would wear and after much searching – basically a full day! – we settled on these.

We have decided to concentrate on the emotional impact of the character (for now called “Kate”) basically being dumped and finding solace in her singing and music.

We then had to decide whether the animation will follow the music, or whether the music will be the backing track to the animation. We decided on the latter, and here are some photos and one video clip of us recording it at the amazing Blackbird Studios in Berlin. (http://www.blackbird-music-studio.de)

The violin is played by Sorcha Thompson – (https://www.sorchathompson.com) an Irish lady, but a violinist nonetheless.

The final mix of the track can be found here:

As the character is the hardest part of this, we decided to start building the Coyote first. At the moment it is still “naked”, but it is beginning to look more or less like an animal.

The beginning stages of the 3D model of the Priest’s face.

Here is an excerpt from the 3D Animatic from which we will produce the 3D Animation. It shows an action point of the character drinking, crying, and throwing her wedding ring away. It also introduces Mr. Coyote who keeps her company when she plays her “lonesome song”.