We hit upon the idea of doing a multi-platform series based upon the idea of “The Greatest Story Never Told”, which encompasses both music, animation, pastel painting and sculpture, designed to show the curve of a human relationship that ended far too early, either through bereavement or break-up. We rummaged in the drawer to see what old and unused ideas we had that could be resurrected and that could fit with the overall concept. And found this. Musically, the addition of a violin to it, particularly the absolutely screeching solo (and we mean screeching!) at the end (thanks to https://www.sorchathompson.com) and the addition of the preacher (Thank you Pastor Sunday) gave it some considerable focus.

Stage 1:

White label test pressings were handed out to clubs in UK and US to see if it resonated with the type of audience we were targeting.

Stage 2:

Artwork was designed for the 12 inch sleeve for the proper run.

Here we had to decide how much of the original storyboard drawings to keep, considering that the musical “character” had changed quite a lot. In the end, it was decided to update them so that the main “character” also had a spirit character acting alongside her. We also decided to change the execution from a cartoon to 3D Animation, which is more of our core competency.

The sound of the first 42 seconds of the MP4 have just placeholder sound effects – which will be greatly improved in due time! That time is not quite now! Also, up to that point the panels are just set to a random 1 1/2 seconds each. After 42 seconds the panels change in time to the soundtrack, and we hope to relate to the overall story a little better.