Cutting Factory work creatively on film production for brands, organisations, and artists. Our reputation is built on creativity, trust, reliability and professionalism. CGI and 3D Animation are incorporated where and when required.



Our professional filming equipment for HD and 4K realise your projects at incredibly high quality.

With such a wide choice of cameras, lighting, and audio equipment available for each production, it can be daunting to select the right overall solution.

We take care of that, and provide equipment packages that exactly match the needs of the film production.

Makeup, styling & costume design

Our stylists shape the talent to suit the production and Cutting Factory recognises the importance of makeup and styling within the portfolio of services.

We offer comprehensive hair and makeup facilities for every production.

We can also design the necessary costumes or clothing, which can be hand-stitched and cut for the production.

Integration with VFX / CGI

We breakdown every production involving VFX / CGI with the same focus on art direction as we do a film without those elements.

Pre-production tasks allow us to set out a plan to deliver the results agreed.

Our on-set experts make sure the small tweaks that facilitate CGI integration are made there-and-then, saving hours, sometimes days, in the post-production facility.

We collect camera statistics, and survey both set and lighting references to successfully execute the further work.

Encoding & compliance

Our encoding and compliance methods will make sure your project is seen as you had intended, regardless of how delivered and seen. The process is completed in separate parts and then seamlessly stitched together.

We deliver the best possible digital encode solution for all delivery formats, whether broadcast or stream.

We undertake image pre-processing to improve quality, image assessment, and our technicians understand the correct settings to deliver the optimum results, including broadcast compliance.

More Visual services

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