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Reach and engage a new global audience, 24/7, all year round, and get data from real interactions from your potential customers.

Supercharge your online presence today with Cutting Factory’s tailored solutions.

Cutting Factory is dedicated to helping brands build their own spaces on the web in 3D + animation. This allows you to share your company’s culture and take advantage of the new opportunities the digital world offers.

What Are Virtual Interactive Experiences?

In essence, they are 3D and Interactive spaces. These are created, scanned, or a mixture of both – with all the interactivity running ‘over the top’. The many techniques we have allow us to produce interactive experiences in the digital world, that either mimics, or merges with, real world experiences.

The advantage lies in being able to create more natural, engaging experiences that are available to global audiences with lower costs, all year round, and with the ability to measure user interactions and interests.

Of course, now it can also harness the power and functionality of AI.


Convention booths, offices, sites, manufacturing facilities or completely novel and creative spaces can exist within Virtual Environments, providing a cost-effective way to reach more users at any time, anywhere in the world.

We can build stunning interactive environments in 3D according to scale and requirements, or design them especially for you.


Using 3D realistic technology, we provide a way to keep your tradeshow booth, Customer Experience Centre, or manufacturing facility online 24/7.

Engage potential customers with interactive, explorable experiences, accessible from a single link and without any download involved, and without the need for any additional hardware or software.


Have more natural conversations with digital representatives who can illustrate your products and answer your customers based on their questions and interests.

Get data based on the interactions potential clients had in the environments.

We also have full AI implementation to take these kinds of interactions to the next level.

The figures in the image are fully animated digital avatars


Collect data on your potential customers about the interactions they had online and learn about their interests.

They can also book an appointment with a human representative and meet them within the environment or outside it.

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Because the platform is completely modular, our clients are able to continue to build additional environments and functionality over time.

Also live swapping of videos and content is possible at any given time.

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