Ericsson had decided to move out of their current “Studio” (Customer Experience Centre) in Stockholm and build a completely new one. The centre is designed to show what 5G will enable in real-world applications, from remote monitoring of ambulance to hospital, autonomous vehicles, and Smart Cities, and many others besides.

The move is taking place in two stages – first, the centre is moving to a temporary space, which has also been purpose built. And then they will move into their new permanent home, later in 2020.

Our task is to make a video of each stage, so that customers, from literally around the world, are enticed to visit it.

Our first step therefore was to design a storyboard that flicked from the demo to the application, and which would use a mixture of film and CGI.

6 shots from the storyboard for the video that illustrates the new space are shown below. We will post clips from the film shoot as we edit them.

Our grateful thanks to Edvard Munch for the inspiration for the hero image!