Our 3D visualisation studio tailors packages to any size of requirement. We always make sure the project is completed on time and on budget.

The skills and experience in our team of experts have been acquired over years of development. We create incredibly accurate, photo-realistic images for architectural, engineering and construction projects. Utilising the latest CGI and 3D visualisation software, our solutions create photorealistic, interactive and cost-effective visualisations for your business.

The team has worked on a diverse portfolio of CGI projects with clients all over the world including 3D renders of existing products, concepts and interior/exterior space.

We partner with Autodesk – the developers of visualisation software such as Maya, making our team some of the most knowledgeable and skilled 3D artists in the industry. Below is an in-depth overview of 3D visualisation and animation services or view our portfolio at Vimeo.


3D Visualisation of Existing Products

Cutting Factory creates beautiful photo realistic images of existing products at any resolution.

Our accurately detailed renders have been used in a range of applications, including architecture, robotics, and security services.

We have made perfect 3D visualisation more financially accessible than ever before.

3D Visualisation of Product Concepts

Companies use our rendering services to evolve and speed up the development process, thereby shortening time to market.

Using such services also allows concept or production problems to be addressed, as well as presenting a virtual project or product to a variety of stakeholders without having committed significant resources.

Interior / exterior space & design

The team are highly skilled in interior / exterior 3D rendering, offering immaculate renders to property developers, high net worth individuals, civic facilities and local government, and commercial space owners.

More Visual services

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